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Monday, July 11, 2011

The uniqueness of Malaysian "Silat Gayong"

Gayong martial arts is a form of martial knowledge with an already recognized no matter in Malaysia but throughout the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and others who have children themselves highest in the martial art organizations.

For complete knowledge Gayong Martial Art, you should practice and appreciate the philosophy contained in each syllabus learning. To your knowledge in ancient times almost all the people who learn martial but only a few qualified commander or warrior because they have the determination and high moral integrity to achieve such levels.

In fact gayong martial art has been brought to the ground malay (Malaysia) by prince from the island of Sulawesi named "Daeng Kuning" or black commander. Daeng Kuning and six relatives had been resident in malaya and all knowledge was revealed to his descendants. If you look now, too many fractions gayong knowledge and have been established such as:-
  • Gayong Malaysia - It is the oldest organization and was founded by Grandmaster Dato Meor Rahman. He was the grandson of Daeng Kuning.
  • Gayong Fatani
  • Gayong Estate
Generally divided into two basic silat as "flowers" and "fruit". Art flowers is one of the soft swaying dance moves as the movement of misleading an opponent who rarely available in other martial arts. While art is more to the movement of a hard, solid and compact to overthrow the opponent.

Silat knowledge is not peculiar to the Malays, but can be learned by anyone who saw the example of western countries with an already public knowledge and are interested in this silat because there is no limit on age, race and religion.

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