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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Silat is an agile flow of combat silat arts universities in Malaysia with the name BODY ART Silat agile MALAYSIA (PSSLM). Organization led by BIN DATUK HAJI Omardin MAUJU that active since 1963 with 5 of the students (registered in 1969), known not only in Malaysia but managed to expand his several foreign countries including England, Belgium, New Zealand, Holland, France, Madagascar and the latest in South Korea, until now reached 30.000 members outside the country.

With the benefits of leadership Grandmaster Datuk Haji Omardin, now PSSLM already have a total membership of approximately 1 000 000 members around the world and recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records book published in 1998 which was launched by then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato 'Seri Dr. . Mahathir bin Mohammad (now Tun) in December 1998, as a body of knowledge to defend themselves with "Membership of the World's Best and Most." To create a history of glory Silat agile this is not a simple business.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get the eye

Hai all blog readers

I want to apologize for long not updated this blog due to my busy managing the household.
any kind with your vacation days? for me to leave this very meaningful because I was awarded man of the eye. safe wife gave birth on the day (Tuesday 16/02/2010). I named the baby Muhammad Fitri, if given the chance I will baby pic for viewing all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We want to say Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese communities around the world may this year bring happiness to you all.

We attach goods or gifts suitable to give to loved ones after the Chinese New Year

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Martial Arts Ving Chun

This time we post about Ving Chun Martial Arts. We have not interviewed experts in the Martial Arts is the Master Brandon Chan in Selangor.

First we want to discuss is about the basic Ving Chun and levels within the next few lessons syllabus Ving Chun. We will start from the basic level where it is a technique of hitting the lines gives central body. The first pattern was named Siu Nim Tao or Little idea form. It teachers how tidal members of the middle body line and hitting the answer to the central line of your own body.

After you complete and advanced techniques in the first study, called the second arm or seeking Chum Kiu form. It is about the "side step" how to change direction using a side step Ving Chun. Basic foot movements is very important to side step. In the same time you must learn Chum cue or sticky hand is a unique training in Ving Chun. This game should be played in pairs to hone skills and become familiar with the sensory hand force attack the opponent. If you are skilled you can play while closing the eyes and stand above table. It is associated with " musclememory". Chi sau is continuosly trained and trainees are asked to play with the different movements and energy.

After learning Chi Sau techniques you should learn Biu Jee or "the finger thrusting form". Pattern is to train how to use elbows and fingers only to poke. This technique is suitable to be taught that women want to learn Martial Arts.

In Martial Arts Ving Chun only have 2 weapons used the Luk Dim Kwan and Baat Cham Dow or known "twin Butterfly Sword". Each weapon has its own advantages. Long pole is very long but with Ving Chun technique can still be playing again in a narrow space. Twin Butterfly Sword was taught solely against Long Pole. In this technique many attacks directly and not much time removing this small size because it was not appropriate to fend off. Only answers attack and also emphasizes speed and speed.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tips for women themselves

Today we'll give you tips how especially women ways to escape if attacked from behind.

Movements 1 :-

When an enemy appears from behind without you realizing.

Movements 2:-

You will feel panic or surprised by enemy action
(But for the already existing preparation up to you the next action. For example, using tips to make your enemy move. If the enemy is moving means enemy movements already in flexibility)

Movements 3 :-

Target in sight

Movements 4 :-

As fast as lighting taken opportunities to attack enemy knee.

Movements 5:-

Connected with the impact elbow to the face.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art History Silat Eccentric

Hai all Blog Readers. We are posting today about the existence revolves Silat Eccentric. As you learn Silat is Martial Arts have been practiced since time immemorial.

It is a branch of art favored by the public. Currently various types of silat has emerged like "mushrooms after rain" in Malaysia. One of them is the Silat Eccentric has developed rapidly throughout the world.

For all your knowledge, Silat Eccentric was founded in Padang, Muar Johor by Long Mamat. One of the students named Pak Din has worked hard to develop over parts of this village.

Abd Hamid teachers have acquired knowledge of Silat own granfather when he was a child. Before he learned of this whacks Silat. Master Abd Hamid was first learning to play and dance Silat weapons such as swords, Kris, Tek-pi and others. Teachers also learn Abd Hamid Art Kuntau consisting of four Broke, Six Broke, Eight Broke, Twelve Broke and Silat Worship. Then teachers will learn Abd Hamid hitting 7 days with grandfather Tuan Haji Mohd Ariffin.

By the words Master Abd Hamid hitting 7 days this will take about 7 days only and has a heavy hitting, fast and agile. After Master Abd Hamid took the trainers, he took over Silat Eccentric and absorbed with Kuntau, Cekak and tweapons play 7 days.

This is a brief explanation about the journey of Master Silat Eccentric. We provide such entry to tell you the history of Silat a long-history based in Malaysia but also want to develop the Malay Heritage knowledge throughout the world.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teachers to find perfection

If you study martial flow no matter what, the enemy or criminals do not fear if you are facing skilled combat. From any corner of the enemy or criminals came to know that some fought it like longitudinal and transverse fracture.

To demonstrate that no fatigue when confronted with the real enemy, various exercises have been arranged or provided shall be implemented. If training is not sufficient conditions or training is not monitored by the teachers not only use just tired because that can learn without teachers like "the fruit is not ripe".

Indeed learning without a teachers makes a bad name association you when you lost easily with criminals. Most of the Silat flow using strength to fend off criminal attack. There are also other martial arts as well as create.

If you want to know if the claim with Teacher "old" quite different when only using a little strength is sufficient to overthrow the enemy.

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