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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Martial Arts Ving Chun

This time we post about Ving Chun Martial Arts. We have not interviewed experts in the Martial Arts is the Master Brandon Chan in Selangor.

First we want to discuss is about the basic Ving Chun and levels within the next few lessons syllabus Ving Chun. We will start from the basic level where it is a technique of hitting the lines gives central body. The first pattern was named Siu Nim Tao or Little idea form. It teachers how tidal members of the middle body line and hitting the answer to the central line of your own body.

After you complete and advanced techniques in the first study, called the second arm or seeking Chum Kiu form. It is about the "side step" how to change direction using a side step Ving Chun. Basic foot movements is very important to side step. In the same time you must learn Chum cue or sticky hand is a unique training in Ving Chun. This game should be played in pairs to hone skills and become familiar with the sensory hand force attack the opponent. If you are skilled you can play while closing the eyes and stand above table. It is associated with " musclememory". Chi sau is continuosly trained and trainees are asked to play with the different movements and energy.

After learning Chi Sau techniques you should learn Biu Jee or "the finger thrusting form". Pattern is to train how to use elbows and fingers only to poke. This technique is suitable to be taught that women want to learn Martial Arts.

In Martial Arts Ving Chun only have 2 weapons used the Luk Dim Kwan and Baat Cham Dow or known "twin Butterfly Sword". Each weapon has its own advantages. Long pole is very long but with Ving Chun technique can still be playing again in a narrow space. Twin Butterfly Sword was taught solely against Long Pole. In this technique many attacks directly and not much time removing this small size because it was not appropriate to fend off. Only answers attack and also emphasizes speed and speed.

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