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Friday, March 26, 2010

The importance of warming the body

In any sport or martial art that uses body strength, body warming exercises should be done. It must be implemented properly and earnestly. The purpose of this exercise was held to ensure all members of the body and our body becomes soft and energized ready to perform the duties or exercises the more weight and challenging. At present training is a popular strength training that emphasizes only a part of regardless of how that is done. This approach should be avoided because the purpose of training is not heating the body to strengthen one part of the body but only to determine the body and mind ready to accept any challenge.

Do you agree with training in the Martial Arts that you?

Training new members who do this may experience difficulties and feel that their bodies feel pain, but they must complete training without feeling bored. Most important do not forces the bodies that have not been willing to receive training as this will damage the body and destroy them. Done slowly and little by little untill eventually become synonymous in the trainees themselves.

This training can be done individually together or in groups. Up to that time and circumstances have on the individual itself. Training should be planned so that a person can do where they are. For those who have spare time and the near field area are advised to exercises conducted this area took the opportunity to suck the air clean and comfortable. For those who narrow their time and place can also carry out such training in the office space, shops and also at home because it takes a small space to run.

Every exercise is repeated al least advised by 7 times for the beginning and this can be added when deemed appropriate to the situation. Period of time recommended for training heating is about 30 minutes. But the most important and must remember is when we must create a breathing exercise calm and not hurried training that was only according to level and eventually breathe naturally every time.

What is your comments?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Facts "IMPORTANT" on Kung-Fu

On monday the last day i have found some Martial Arts training center in Kuala Lumpur. What makes one interested in Martial Arts training center is Kung-fu, where i have time to review them practice. After practice i have discover friendly instructors who teach Kung-fu. Many questions that have been playing in my own thoughts have been answered. Here i write some factor of interest in the interview session.

Before that if you have any information about the Martial Arts can leave comments in the space.

Kung-fu is a very broad term used to describe the Martial Arts that originated from China. Kung-fu history left many thinking that gives the effect of the china. If you want to know the name prefix Kung-fu is Ch'uan Fa which means (the way boxing).

Many refuges and soldiers of justice by setting the Shaolin Temple in Northern China. There are five different Shaolin temple in the district or even five different styles of Shaolin Kung-fu was developed.

Historian Martial Arts Kung-fu is not initiated in the Shaolin Temple and began to grow but only under the influence of Shaolin. Kung-fu but eventually categorized as North and South. In the southern canton named as Gung fu. Hollywood played in the south only use horses and low kicks and strong hand techniques because they are short and fat from the North. System in the North is characterized by style patterns which are very difficult and sulap because the cold weather in the North so hand movement is restricted by thick robes.

Kung-fu can be recognized as one of the oldest martial arts and has become the biggest influence, where young martial arts styles such as karate and Okinawa style Japanese could have created.

In this modern era, wu-shu emerged as a mixed martial arts such as circus sulap and martial arts in china and even national sports competitions were held. Jet-Li is a very famous exponent has even appeared in the Martial Arts.

Important and special weapons used in martial arts kung-fu swords and knives are butterfly.

What is your comments about Martial Arts kung-fu in your eyes?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Martial Arts to the fans must understand the purpose of customs. This is a customary practice that is often inherited and has been practiced since the loins. Regardless of where Martial Arts even there must be customs that must be adhered to and follow. Various ways and practices that defined the practice by organizations such as Silat, Karate, kung-fu, Muay-tai, Taekwando and more.

What do you think about it?

Here we wish to disclose to you all customs that are often practiced in the art PUSAKA Silat Melayu. One of them is CUSTOMARY LIME. Art heritage silat is based on tradition. Each of those who want to become a student must undergo the ritual bath lime to meet the requirements as a students of silat. Besides each students must also provide a dowry which impose little payment. Although dowry is the right master make it as a pledge of all knowledge among students with the master. We will explain a little about the game Ceremony Participation Kris it was from one tradisional lime.

Participation games Kris

Kris is synonymous with the United Malays. It was a lot of benefits and grandeur of its own because it is a symbol of strength, greatness and reliability Malay warriors for example Admiral Hang Tuah. Kris game has secret value that is smooth and even has its own uniqueness which is not equal to other weapons. It is a game weapon Malay Kris is indeed a very dangerous and very difficult to handle.

To the Martial Arts practitioner please share to us your special weapons Martial Arts.

Knowledge Kris lessons finish ceremony is usually held on the beach and is one of the customs Silat Arts. It is also the last attempt or alleged to be passed by each students after they finished training Gayong use Kris.

What is your comments about the customs silat gayong?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interest Silat in the Martial Arts

Seni Silat is a Martial knowledge is recognized as a common natural rights belonging to the Malay race as a shield themselves. Based on evidence discovered in the remains of history and Temple Prambanan in Jawa. did counclude that the existing Martial Arts was in the Malay archipelago in the 8th century. Starting from Riau archipelago, Martial system is said to be spreading to the minangkabau, sumatra. In Sumatra this combat art known as refined again and pencak silat. Silat knowledge was used by the kingdom of Srivijaya.

To improve knowledge Silat practitioners must appreciate the philosophy contained in the knowledge. During the first practice almost all the Silat. But only a few worthy to be called commander. Only those who have moral integrity and respect can achieve this high.

How about you in Martial Arts?

In this period existed hundreds of universities Silat. Each university has its own style and way. But generally basic Silat can be divided into two, namely "interest" and "fruit". Art flower dance move is a soft and supple as a move to confuse the opponent. But there are universities that do not mind the art of teaching is only the fruit and flowers, such as Silat Cekak. Children students are required to stand upright facing the opponent, used at only respond when attacked and lest when two strokes already an inch from the body.

Briefly Silat Gayong

Seni Silat brought to Malaya (Malaysia) by the son of a Bugis from Sulawesi Island named Daeng called Chief Black or Yellow. He along with six relatives resident in malaya where all knowledge "silat" down to descendants. During this time the fraction of knowledge that can be seen with the existence of various universities in Malaysia such as Silat Melayu and Gayong Pesaka. But the most important is the Association of Malaysian which was founded by Dato"Meor Rahman, grandson of Daeng Kuning called "Master" by students Gayong. Among those who have practiced Silat is late legend Mat Kilau, Dato Bahaman and Dato' Maharaja Lela.

What is your comment?

Monday, March 1, 2010

When martial knowledge full in the chest

We are posting today about Tips for dealing with criminals.

If feelings arise surprised, fear, panic when faced with criminals such as snatchers, rapists, intruders or it is not uncommon. If you do not learn martial for losing percentage is higher. But if you earnestly seek the possibility of criminals punishment will.

Carry modern weapons such as pepper spray or sparger not sure if knowledge can defeat the criminals in the chest "empty". If attacked directly creeps watery eyes because of fear to apply for clemency. Compared with the tips learned have been applied by all teachers at least learn how to be saved themselves by using sense and knowledge martial.

The first tip when you are faced with criminals sure you will feel fear. When you are ready to deal with the ways that criminals have learned in training. The main fear is your first weapon. You should continue to be the attitude that criminals feel confidents already "win"

What you need to do is keep your hands lifted in the future as to seek forgiveness themselves not be handled. If criminals are armed careful eye on the knife so that every action does not carry on self-injury.

How do i use strategy? Remember you pretend to be in fear, then raise their hands because your hands can act as a shield and weapon attacks. Remember hands can be poked into various weapons such as, shock absorbers and etc. To make your training at home and our step by step ways that has been descibed above.

Hopefully with the existence of these tips can reduce the growing incidence of crime.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

What is your comment?


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