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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Interest Silat in the Martial Arts

Seni Silat is a Martial knowledge is recognized as a common natural rights belonging to the Malay race as a shield themselves. Based on evidence discovered in the remains of history and Temple Prambanan in Jawa. did counclude that the existing Martial Arts was in the Malay archipelago in the 8th century. Starting from Riau archipelago, Martial system is said to be spreading to the minangkabau, sumatra. In Sumatra this combat art known as refined again and pencak silat. Silat knowledge was used by the kingdom of Srivijaya.

To improve knowledge Silat practitioners must appreciate the philosophy contained in the knowledge. During the first practice almost all the Silat. But only a few worthy to be called commander. Only those who have moral integrity and respect can achieve this high.

How about you in Martial Arts?

In this period existed hundreds of universities Silat. Each university has its own style and way. But generally basic Silat can be divided into two, namely "interest" and "fruit". Art flower dance move is a soft and supple as a move to confuse the opponent. But there are universities that do not mind the art of teaching is only the fruit and flowers, such as Silat Cekak. Children students are required to stand upright facing the opponent, used at only respond when attacked and lest when two strokes already an inch from the body.

Briefly Silat Gayong

Seni Silat brought to Malaya (Malaysia) by the son of a Bugis from Sulawesi Island named Daeng called Chief Black or Yellow. He along with six relatives resident in malaya where all knowledge "silat" down to descendants. During this time the fraction of knowledge that can be seen with the existence of various universities in Malaysia such as Silat Melayu and Gayong Pesaka. But the most important is the Association of Malaysian which was founded by Dato"Meor Rahman, grandson of Daeng Kuning called "Master" by students Gayong. Among those who have practiced Silat is late legend Mat Kilau, Dato Bahaman and Dato' Maharaja Lela.

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