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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recognizing Silat Gayong Malaysia

Silat is the longest in Southeast Asian foreign country. Foundation for Silat Grand Master Gayong Malaysia is Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Number of expert has reached 100,000 thousand students have since established even in equitable world. Silat Gayong Malaysia have 5 ranks of black specifically for the beginning, red, green, yellow and black (teachers).

" For the symbol Silat Gayong, I and your image to more closely identify with

Tiger - Movements used in Silat Gayong Malaysia

Dragon & Earth - To develop around the world
Shawl - Show ranking in science Gayong
Kris & Knife - A weapon used in ancient times

Gayong lessons there for 365 movements and every movement have 1 other denominations. Science is the highest in the lesson Gayong is Mother Gayong

Actually a lot more to tell about Gayong Malaysia, to those interested and have been waiting to learn the sciense of emergence Gayong " History of Silat Gayong Malaysia" that will be on the market coming soon.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be On a Vacation With Exercise

Last night i shared with the movement in the arena to go holiday-maker Port Dickson beach. We are there to design the body and release working pressure. Understandably preoccupied work occasionally rollicking hit. Here i am, and our image as the holiday-maker. Interesting?? It's all smiles despite manager but precious moment for us all.

While bathing in the sea, ihave learned something about the hustle or consolidate all of our movement, especially in the hand and foot portion. During my bath has done the movement crushed and kick as many as 10 times before. Although i am a slow movement of water pressure but impression than this exercise triumphs on the ground when i found the movement and speed will be more stable. Think, one way or technique if you are above the water surface to steady yourself.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Increasing Respiratory Depth.

Have you experienced unsatisfactory breathing during activities of daily conduct. In the segment exercises info i want to share with you a technique or an easy way to reach the depths of good breathing. This technique can done at home and on the beach because should you have to soak my head in the water for 1 minit a new practice starts.
Practice these technique so that you can feel good or energetic breathing again. If you want to syndicate exercises other info please give your views in the room commented.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Midpoint to watch enemy movements.

Tips us on this day is to find where the middle point to watch and show all the movements of the enemy. Follow my studies and experience in the martial art world was the intended point is the shara of " center of the abdomen" This midpoint will see any enemy movement in a portion of hands and feet. Where you can impress all the the actions taken by the enemy. This is very useful tips to take who the input portion in sports. Expected these tips can help you to consolidate all the knowledge silat and preparation you in a game with.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The beginning than the Palace of “ Silat ”

After almost 15 years apart has become evident to the megazine that has "PENDEKAR" published in 1988 showed indigenous, palce and the Malay are long study.
In the plan has been rested to "silat" culture palace civilization where his form is considered quite extraordinary. This is including in terms of gestures, weapons and clothing, but more to more power of the nation. Any past history should not remember but should be reviewd in order to generate enthusiasm in yourself.
If you talk abaout martial art, if you are pointing to the war, is the palace arena will be a witnes. If an opponent is not going to be the size of the weapon but the clothing and culture of the court.
Here i want to explore the evidence regarding King Malay who have been 100 years old still capable of holding a weapon against thieves. Follow one of history 1 records to your reflections all.
" We survived to kelantan. If you want to fight speech should be notified to us immediately after the speech to make decisions but do not occasionally succumb. Sultan of pahang never told us if it got to the contest will also jointly take up arms.
Records and so little solid evidence word press Sultan also still capable of holding a weapon, although capable of giving life to his country alive. By that so now the blood still flows in the body of the people maintain the tradition and culture.
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