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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be On a Vacation With Exercise

Last night i shared with the movement in the arena to go holiday-maker Port Dickson beach. We are there to design the body and release working pressure. Understandably preoccupied work occasionally rollicking hit. Here i am, and our image as the holiday-maker. Interesting?? It's all smiles despite manager but precious moment for us all.

While bathing in the sea, ihave learned something about the hustle or consolidate all of our movement, especially in the hand and foot portion. During my bath has done the movement crushed and kick as many as 10 times before. Although i am a slow movement of water pressure but impression than this exercise triumphs on the ground when i found the movement and speed will be more stable. Think, one way or technique if you are above the water surface to steady yourself.

What are your comments?

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