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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recognizing Silat Gayong Malaysia

Silat is the longest in Southeast Asian foreign country. Foundation for Silat Grand Master Gayong Malaysia is Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Number of expert has reached 100,000 thousand students have since established even in equitable world. Silat Gayong Malaysia have 5 ranks of black specifically for the beginning, red, green, yellow and black (teachers).

" For the symbol Silat Gayong, I and your image to more closely identify with

Tiger - Movements used in Silat Gayong Malaysia

Dragon & Earth - To develop around the world
Shawl - Show ranking in science Gayong
Kris & Knife - A weapon used in ancient times

Gayong lessons there for 365 movements and every movement have 1 other denominations. Science is the highest in the lesson Gayong is Mother Gayong

Actually a lot more to tell about Gayong Malaysia, to those interested and have been waiting to learn the sciense of emergence Gayong " History of Silat Gayong Malaysia" that will be on the market coming soon.

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