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Monday, November 30, 2009

Art in Seni Silat (Dance)

Peace to all the loyal blog readers. How to celebrate Hari Raya AidilAdha situation? I feel delighted to celebrate with my family next to his wife. It is very sweet memories for the first time to celebrate with them. We briefly forget that wonderful time because i want to continue writing about , especially regarding Silat Martial Art.
This is a topic i was dancing in the Art Seni Silat. If you want to know Art is art or dance tradition should in each type persilatan. This is because art can distinguish a Martial Art Dance itself.
See examples of other Martial Art Dance practiced or practiced in persilatan very unique and has its own purpose. Art Dance requires a high skill to heirs. If you see Dance Art Silat is very soft because they learned to always be used when making a presentation or competition.
If you observe more depth in each dance that represents it is also one technique to obscure opponents. I mean is that every step and dance movements have beat the opponent and the movement to avoid the attack. Iwill discuss this topic in one other topic that is too long to be described. Here i include the movement of Teaching Art Dance Arts Silat. Try and think of you noticed motion if the spirit behind the Dance Arts. You can give answers and opinions in the comments field.

What is your comments?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri ( Part 2 )

To the faithful blog readers want to apologize because i can not update my blog for 1 week due course. Let us re-connect the topic "identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri.." more.

Back to yourself where you are now level in the Martial Art?

If you're still in Shu level is good but remembers Martial Arts members at this stage will always taksub with his teachers. When you reach level Ha you not just find or study techniques from teachers themselves, but are beginning to see the methods of other associations.

It is no wonder if there are methods or techniques from other associations to be taken to use their own association. To people who are level Ri you can recognize the technique is more effective and more relevent. If this concept can be understood by all practitioners of Martial Arts will not be condemned and there wiil not disparage other associations arise.

I will give you an example to think

If you find a word using the method sidekick is a more effective defense based on studies and experiments done. Are you trying to deny the association because you do not use the sidekick? May also deny your teacher you will ever instruct not to use the leg during a fight?

Slap chest Ask your appetite

In conclusion if your man will dwell Shu your chidren as students who do not want improve performance if yourself but human Ha & Ri and you you may receive and continue to practice even though the sidekick does not exist in your association studies.

With your host dignity Martial Arts.

What is your comments?

Here i wish to inform all readers blog where i do not update my blog for 1 weeks as celebrated Hari Raya Haji. I'm not with the laptop to go to the village. Hari Raya busy note. Later i will connect affer raya. I want to say Happy Eid al-Adha welcomed the Muslim community.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Judges Silat Olahraga

During the Update the book i found a room in the old photos when i was learning. Photos show the competition environment Silat Olahraga. I directed the jury to competition but not allowed to participate. If blog readers want to know my face and circumstances while at the University, the picture is marked with round me ( i am serious )

When i ordered the organizers of the competition judges feel surprised because i selected to conduct a tournement. I feel quite happy and then sad because not allowed to drive competition. This is because the conditions for competition only participants who first joined. At that time i established the Club Silat under my care, even though i can not participate but i have the students enter the competition.

During the competition judges that we need to learn a lot about how the correct way to do justice to a match in progress. Although i have extensive experience in Silat Olahraga become judges but very different. While the players you want to find points to defeat the enemy while the jury must assess the value and errors made by both participants.

Therefore, i have met with severel teachers and contest judges to ask questions about the proper method to be a good jury. Create knowledge all my blog readers will undergo an intensive training for 7 days to establish themselves as preparation ahead of the competition Silat Olahraga state level. Later i will post all activities and training under a special heading.. "The Challenge 7 Days"

What are your comments ?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri

A person who has studied karate teachers identify the attitudes and methods Shu..Ha..Ri.. has emerged in itself
  1. Shu is a preliminary stage karate lessons where according to all traditions that have been taught by teachear without doubt and questioning the effectiveness of these lessons.
  2. Method Ha karate students will have all the correct techniques and learn all the methods that have been taught to be morerobust and accurate. If the technique is not relevant page world be more effective. At this time students karate will always be reflective, but change every time studying the techniques they learned.

  3. Ri is the situation while karate students will be exploring forward to trying all the techniques and methods based on the more experience they get. Often the effectiveness of the technique is so proven and should reach the level this way students can karate school founded their own without help from his teacher.
As a conclusion which can be viewed from the method of Shu.. Ha..Ri.. sure you can determine the level of ability you now in the martial arts. Yes as an arts practitioners defend yourself should have 1 view far to increase the competitiveness of themselves so that comparable to other Martial arts. For example Legendary Martial of Bruce Lee and Master Dato Meor Abdul Rahman (silat). We be continue in the part 2 later.

What are your comments?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spirit Fight

On last friday i have participated one tournaments bowling. We played as much as 2 games. At first i play pretty bad probably because frequent nervous feeling i experience when game begins. Could be said my score in first game is 110 point, to me the count high also. But i see other player"s record higher marks from me. At that time i felt rather shy and shy by what in achieve. During we enter on second around game, my wife has defied me to abtain higher marks. I took that challenge and challenge myself to be better than the first game.
Full of challenge and spirit fight, finally i managed to score to 146 point and occupying place on second place in this bowling competition.

For the story above i wish to inform you that we should have a trait of "spirit fight" not on enemy but to our self. When you having this nature spirit. You will find out our self have achieved peak level to compete directly. This nature suitable practiced by anyone not only learn to be defense but in fact it also suitable for student or which already have a job.

What are you comments?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


In martial arts, focus is very vital for someone to ensure his performance level is all along better and increased up. You needing skill or discipline high to achieve level of 100% focus when doing a thing including when you do traning.
If had no focus with good this would affect all knowledge which studied and occur you not able to act nicely during contend against enemy. Here i enclose 5 tips to you to seek focus which are good
  1. All matters negatives in your mind should be free and empty.
  2. No prejudice to teachers and your colleague.
  3. Confident on self ability.
  4. Do not be have humbly on weakness.
  5. Think of "WIN"

If you have own tips which could help related blog reader member for subject above please shared with us. Kindly think about for a moment.

What are your comments?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Determinant of Success Speed

I would like to share tips for today about one of the factor how to success in martial arts when joining the competition. According to study undertaken by some expert of martial arts, the factor contributes something someone's success is speed fighting during facing with the enemy.
Does not necessarily the big size body can beat miniaturized body people because there were some factor be secret and way weapon defeat enemy. Movement speed is very important element in martial arts and should occur in on the other hand it to be effected very clear in presentation or square moment with enemy. Try to think of how to be folded double in movement and leave some comment in the part.
We would discuss it again of technique or ways to be ensure all movement will become launch and fast.
What are your comment?


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