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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri

A person who has studied karate teachers identify the attitudes and methods Shu..Ha..Ri.. has emerged in itself
  1. Shu is a preliminary stage karate lessons where according to all traditions that have been taught by teachear without doubt and questioning the effectiveness of these lessons.
  2. Method Ha karate students will have all the correct techniques and learn all the methods that have been taught to be morerobust and accurate. If the technique is not relevant page world be more effective. At this time students karate will always be reflective, but change every time studying the techniques they learned.

  3. Ri is the situation while karate students will be exploring forward to trying all the techniques and methods based on the more experience they get. Often the effectiveness of the technique is so proven and should reach the level this way students can karate school founded their own without help from his teacher.
As a conclusion which can be viewed from the method of Shu.. Ha..Ri.. sure you can determine the level of ability you now in the martial arts. Yes as an arts practitioners defend yourself should have 1 view far to increase the competitiveness of themselves so that comparable to other Martial arts. For example Legendary Martial of Bruce Lee and Master Dato Meor Abdul Rahman (silat). We be continue in the part 2 later.

What are your comments?

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