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Monday, November 16, 2009

Judges Silat Olahraga

During the Update the book i found a room in the old photos when i was learning. Photos show the competition environment Silat Olahraga. I directed the jury to competition but not allowed to participate. If blog readers want to know my face and circumstances while at the University, the picture is marked with round me ( i am serious )

When i ordered the organizers of the competition judges feel surprised because i selected to conduct a tournement. I feel quite happy and then sad because not allowed to drive competition. This is because the conditions for competition only participants who first joined. At that time i established the Club Silat under my care, even though i can not participate but i have the students enter the competition.

During the competition judges that we need to learn a lot about how the correct way to do justice to a match in progress. Although i have extensive experience in Silat Olahraga become judges but very different. While the players you want to find points to defeat the enemy while the jury must assess the value and errors made by both participants.

Therefore, i have met with severel teachers and contest judges to ask questions about the proper method to be a good jury. Create knowledge all my blog readers will undergo an intensive training for 7 days to establish themselves as preparation ahead of the competition Silat Olahraga state level. Later i will post all activities and training under a special heading.. "The Challenge 7 Days"

What are your comments ?

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