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Monday, November 30, 2009

Art in Seni Silat (Dance)

Peace to all the loyal blog readers. How to celebrate Hari Raya AidilAdha situation? I feel delighted to celebrate with my family next to his wife. It is very sweet memories for the first time to celebrate with them. We briefly forget that wonderful time because i want to continue writing about , especially regarding Silat Martial Art.
This is a topic i was dancing in the Art Seni Silat. If you want to know Art is art or dance tradition should in each type persilatan. This is because art can distinguish a Martial Art Dance itself.
See examples of other Martial Art Dance practiced or practiced in persilatan very unique and has its own purpose. Art Dance requires a high skill to heirs. If you see Dance Art Silat is very soft because they learned to always be used when making a presentation or competition.
If you observe more depth in each dance that represents it is also one technique to obscure opponents. I mean is that every step and dance movements have beat the opponent and the movement to avoid the attack. Iwill discuss this topic in one other topic that is too long to be described. Here i include the movement of Teaching Art Dance Arts Silat. Try and think of you noticed motion if the spirit behind the Dance Arts. You can give answers and opinions in the comments field.

What is your comments?

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