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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wood arm versus threats can be overcome

A stick two feet long, one inch circumference, made of wood core and weighs 250gm Nibong. Use of highly suitable for all martial because of a characteristic over.

Techniques resulting from this combination of techniques and Tongkat buffet Vacancies. It is easy to use versus a malicious tackle. Simple easy and efective. During the creation of many now that you do not want to happen like snatch at, threatening, robberies and murder have become commonplace, especially involving women. Just most of you do not want to take heavy to overcome.

Because measure two feet long, wooden arm very quickly if the moved or beaten to target accurately. Consequently the head can cause knee and broken wrist fracture to break down or disabling enemies. Among the places that can cause death, such as head, spine and compounds. But if you had to defend themselves from enemy threats targeting wooden arm on kness, wrists and shoulders so that the enemy unable to move and fight.

Imagine if you are arrested at night by robbers or extortionist, you have to use this method to escape and the family continues to be victims. When you do not have wooden arms sure you and your family life will be threatened.

Martial attack techniques potency wood arms can not be disputed. Simple enough fruit, easy to learn and very effectively used even in narrow places or spaces. If you have inherited the technique Martial Wood arms you will be more confident and brave when facing the enemy.

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