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Monday, December 7, 2009

Do not attack the enemy first

Peace Blog readers, what are you? You are in good health? I am posting today is never to attack the enemy first. Martial especially in the world persilatan, absolutely prohibited to attack the enemy because they have been trained in a state of readiness waiting for attack.

This is because you will have the advantage and level of preparation enough to face the enemy. One example when an enemy attacks you'll be celebrating all the movements and attacks of any kind. Means that you have the time to act against a given attack.

If you see every movement in art Silat has its own dance to watch. Teachers give silat dance this term is "In No Fruit Flowers, The Fruit If There Is Content, If a Mistake To Implement Severe Measures" from this quotation the term cause why trainees persilatan banned altogether for the first act when facing the enemy.

You sure all know the answer?
What about other Martial Art?

If you have views or opinions can be provided in the comments field.

What is your comment?

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