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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts

Modern martial arts, founded by a leading expert Taekwando based on scientific studies. Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi is an expert who formed and trained by the founder of Taekwando Grandmaster itself the late General Choi Hong Hi to teach international level.

But he was not fortunate because very serious injuries as a result of weight training. During the recovery process he was undergoing review with more detailed knowledge about human anatomy. Once you understand and heirs, he has recast knowledge of Taekwando has been dominated untill the black belt 4th Dan.

Techniques have been modified so that this can be done quickly, accurately and without the strong injury. But creating a Chang Kwang Do Martial Arts that has been prevalent over 40 countries. Many of the students reliable Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi the ITF had left to form their own organization but still maintain the founder Grandmaster Choi. They also have made many changes in techniques and syllabus of the respective organizations inspired by the scientific research.

While South Korea also choose to delete all knowledge Grandmaster Choi returned to form woth a new syllabus and fresh which is supported by the World Taekwondo organization level Federation (WTF). Only restructure Korean martial techniques to form a scientific syllabus.

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