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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Counsult your enemy

Peace blog readers.

If you already had before him, he must consult the enemy. But before you that you must know your position first. In philosophical terms there is no silat "at stealing" because already done deal.

Whatever it in before there is a way to avoid fighting for hearts if you still want to battle because there are 1001 ways to prevent and combat. For my opinion, if reluctant to use combat sence of knowledge that has been in demand from teachers to avoid fight.

Before or faced with an enemy not require knowledge of martial knowledge base. Because there is some association of martial will "open a horse" before the act with hands and body easy to read by the opponent. Yes is not denied if all your movements easy to read, then you yourself will become "food opponents". Caused by the various associations of teachers encourage students not martial provisional because they fight for the lost percentage is high.

Here i give tips or how easy to deal with the enemy is :-
  1. See the hands and their feet.

  2. If someone want to use the right hand and foot to attack the enemy right shoulder will be lifted first.

  3. If you fall off the enemy eyes then you should stand because it will act.

  4. You should also be careful with the front hand as it someone knew techniques so future boxing hand weapons.

Thus the tips shared on the topic to the enemy before. But you must remember al least before the state must sell. Never act early. If you cannot remember the last post we can see in the topic "Do not attack the enemy first.

Finally i would like zairimartialart crew and Happy New Year to blog readers in 2010 to provide a new and strong spirit to face all challenges and obstacles, especially in developing themselves in Martial Arts you.

What is your comments?

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