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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandeur and privilege weapons of Silat Melayu

Peace blog readers..

As you know and often it is said in the Malay Silat movements are alive. If Silat Melayu holding any weapons such as parangs, wood, kris and other movements will not be "run" but these weapons will dance with their own hands.

In the presentation, the Silat Melayu are already skilled with knowledge will make the movement of "life" with a very stylish with the use of weapons. In fact other than hand held weapons such as moving when making presentations, such as weapons selenggan can also participate by "death move" other weapons.

That is the greatness and the secret weapons selenggan. Similarly Malay privileges weapons that could make anything with the terms Silat Melayu itself was enough knowledge in the chest.

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