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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Silat is a Spiritual journey of a person

I am posting today centered on a true story about someone who has been studying persilatan. I was so interested while reading an article about the book through all the determination he attempts to identify more in-depth knowledge persilatan. Here i include the article.

Ismet for 3 weeks in Malaysia to learn silat but not only that but he also studied religion other than islam is also looking for experience in a country where the majority Muslim.

Ismet previously studied Martial art Setia Hati and Silat Fatani with a teacher named Teacher Raban. Ismet also came to Malaysia 12 years ago only to learn silat.

When asked to tell about the persilatan learned, Ismet quite long. Aziwahija teachers have time to denounce, persilat halt because it is difficult to speak, which is difficult to feelings expressed. "i feel a lot better in many things. Difficult to explain "said Ismet begin speaking after opening a while to think about the answer. In silat i find more to think before doing things"

It 's not just silat, silat is also spiritual in that direction i am driving. Formerly i do not believe god but little by little silat road took me to recognize and divine religion of islam

Silat movement claims more " life movement from martial arts karate flow during the hard Ismet claim first. He admitted that like style and prefers a soft and artistic. Many "doors" that could open with only a pair of movement Ismet more clearly now the coach level one

I think many Paris who are interested to learn silat but can not find the actual. Most of them only know Silat Olahraga. For my interest is not complete without silat "said Ismet admit admire the art in silat, Martial grandeur and secretly hidden in a graceful dance movements.

Article Book of Martial Art by Azlan Ghanie.

What is your comments?

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