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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Health Problems

This post was not about the tips or info Martial Art, but related to the situation my wife. Create your knowledge all within a week i was quite messy to work out a deal to be done such as updating the house, prepare clothes for the wife brought to the hospital, blog update (important) and many more. A person who is interested in martial i will not make you all for sharing all experiences, tips and info together.

Back to the story about the wife, i he had undergone surgery for a problem that requires immediate treatment. This disease has long been self-neglect have caused. Months we're both-alternating to the hospital to get treament.

Exactly 7.30am Monday, my wife was taken to the hall surgery, 4 hours and i wait patiently waiting for the flutter results. Done only doctor came to me to tell his wife and the content in a safe condition. Finally my wife was at home are now allowed to return to rest after yesterday.

Here there is a message that i want the:
  1. You need to task-sharing and time to do a thing

  2. Must always patient and calm yourself in any situation

What is your comments?

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