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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Counsult your enemy

Peace blog readers.

If you already had before him, he must consult the enemy. But before you that you must know your position first. In philosophical terms there is no silat "at stealing" because already done deal.

Whatever it in before there is a way to avoid fighting for hearts if you still want to battle because there are 1001 ways to prevent and combat. For my opinion, if reluctant to use combat sence of knowledge that has been in demand from teachers to avoid fight.

Before or faced with an enemy not require knowledge of martial knowledge base. Because there is some association of martial will "open a horse" before the act with hands and body easy to read by the opponent. Yes is not denied if all your movements easy to read, then you yourself will become "food opponents". Caused by the various associations of teachers encourage students not martial provisional because they fight for the lost percentage is high.

Here i give tips or how easy to deal with the enemy is :-
  1. See the hands and their feet.

  2. If someone want to use the right hand and foot to attack the enemy right shoulder will be lifted first.

  3. If you fall off the enemy eyes then you should stand because it will act.

  4. You should also be careful with the front hand as it someone knew techniques so future boxing hand weapons.

Thus the tips shared on the topic to the enemy before. But you must remember al least before the state must sell. Never act early. If you cannot remember the last post we can see in the topic "Do not attack the enemy first.

Finally i would like zairimartialart crew and Happy New Year to blog readers in 2010 to provide a new and strong spirit to face all challenges and obstacles, especially in developing themselves in Martial Arts you.

What is your comments?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Kederat" Malay now uncovered

Many people who witnessed when referred to as "Kederat". But there also does not know the meaning or explanation. Today i wish to tell abaout kederat briefly.

Kederat - the first method that should be learned by your example "Breathing" Too many stories that can be shared as a mother saved child when lifting a vehicle, able to jump far and run so quickly

No wonder if the first (Malay) is able to jump high, fast running with the daily routine of breathing exercises. Ways unique breathing and keep secret 1001.

If you are always practicing martial training practice flexible such Yoga, Aerobic exercise for heart health and Tai Chi movements for soft unpublished Malay fact also mentioned that there are all the movement. Even unpublished Malay also has tradisional exercise, breathing and fitness training.

Here i want to give one example where a practitioner to ask Aerobic Movements site 9 when the practitioner is wearing shoes, fingers cramping experienced practitioners because they focus only on the level of exercise. I'm not questioning for Aerobic Exercise but want to tell "secret" exercises that Malays can also treat various diseases.

True Stories

A sports participants admitted to practice these exercise have begun to show a very high quality and success because he knows fitness and health knowledge contained in the exercise of the United Malays are said to be perfect.

Participants of Silat are a winner.

1001 has a secret unpublished Malay contained various Martial Arts Movements

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Celebrate Christmas

I want to congratulate Celebrate Christmas around the world. Hope you all happy with those loved ones.

from :-

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandeur and privilege weapons of Silat Melayu

Peace blog readers..

As you know and often it is said in the Malay Silat movements are alive. If Silat Melayu holding any weapons such as parangs, wood, kris and other movements will not be "run" but these weapons will dance with their own hands.

In the presentation, the Silat Melayu are already skilled with knowledge will make the movement of "life" with a very stylish with the use of weapons. In fact other than hand held weapons such as moving when making presentations, such as weapons selenggan can also participate by "death move" other weapons.

That is the greatness and the secret weapons selenggan. Similarly Malay privileges weapons that could make anything with the terms Silat Melayu itself was enough knowledge in the chest.

If you do not understand this article please email us at

What is your comments?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Silat is a Spiritual journey of a person

I am posting today centered on a true story about someone who has been studying persilatan. I was so interested while reading an article about the book through all the determination he attempts to identify more in-depth knowledge persilatan. Here i include the article.

Ismet for 3 weeks in Malaysia to learn silat but not only that but he also studied religion other than islam is also looking for experience in a country where the majority Muslim.

Ismet previously studied Martial art Setia Hati and Silat Fatani with a teacher named Teacher Raban. Ismet also came to Malaysia 12 years ago only to learn silat.

When asked to tell about the persilatan learned, Ismet quite long. Aziwahija teachers have time to denounce, persilat halt because it is difficult to speak, which is difficult to feelings expressed. "i feel a lot better in many things. Difficult to explain "said Ismet begin speaking after opening a while to think about the answer. In silat i find more to think before doing things"

It 's not just silat, silat is also spiritual in that direction i am driving. Formerly i do not believe god but little by little silat road took me to recognize and divine religion of islam

Silat movement claims more " life movement from martial arts karate flow during the hard Ismet claim first. He admitted that like style and prefers a soft and artistic. Many "doors" that could open with only a pair of movement Ismet more clearly now the coach level one

I think many Paris who are interested to learn silat but can not find the actual. Most of them only know Silat Olahraga. For my interest is not complete without silat "said Ismet admit admire the art in silat, Martial grandeur and secretly hidden in a graceful dance movements.

Article Book of Martial Art by Azlan Ghanie.

What is your comments?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome Maal Hijrrah ( Muslim )

Peace blog readers, we would like for the welcomed Maal Hijrah to the Muslim world may have motivated you to go through all the new challenges and obstacles in 2010.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts

Modern martial arts, founded by a leading expert Taekwando based on scientific studies. Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi is an expert who formed and trained by the founder of Taekwando Grandmaster itself the late General Choi Hong Hi to teach international level.

But he was not fortunate because very serious injuries as a result of weight training. During the recovery process he was undergoing review with more detailed knowledge about human anatomy. Once you understand and heirs, he has recast knowledge of Taekwando has been dominated untill the black belt 4th Dan.

Techniques have been modified so that this can be done quickly, accurately and without the strong injury. But creating a Chang Kwang Do Martial Arts that has been prevalent over 40 countries. Many of the students reliable Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi the ITF had left to form their own organization but still maintain the founder Grandmaster Choi. They also have made many changes in techniques and syllabus of the respective organizations inspired by the scientific research.

While South Korea also choose to delete all knowledge Grandmaster Choi returned to form woth a new syllabus and fresh which is supported by the World Taekwondo organization level Federation (WTF). Only restructure Korean martial techniques to form a scientific syllabus.

What is your comments?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Launched 1 space for reader idea of Martial Art Shared

We launched in 1 space for readers to give anything to the idea of Martial Art shared. We hope that all readers can give all views and ideas to further strengthen the benefits for all Martial Arts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Health Problems

This post was not about the tips or info Martial Art, but related to the situation my wife. Create your knowledge all within a week i was quite messy to work out a deal to be done such as updating the house, prepare clothes for the wife brought to the hospital, blog update (important) and many more. A person who is interested in martial i will not make you all for sharing all experiences, tips and info together.

Back to the story about the wife, i he had undergone surgery for a problem that requires immediate treatment. This disease has long been self-neglect have caused. Months we're both-alternating to the hospital to get treament.

Exactly 7.30am Monday, my wife was taken to the hall surgery, 4 hours and i wait patiently waiting for the flutter results. Done only doctor came to me to tell his wife and the content in a safe condition. Finally my wife was at home are now allowed to return to rest after yesterday.

Here there is a message that i want the:
  1. You need to task-sharing and time to do a thing

  2. Must always patient and calm yourself in any situation

What is your comments?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Views and Suggestions

If you have any views or suggestions about Silat and Martial Art may submit comments to the space shared with blog readers.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Do not attack the enemy first

Peace Blog readers, what are you? You are in good health? I am posting today is never to attack the enemy first. Martial especially in the world persilatan, absolutely prohibited to attack the enemy because they have been trained in a state of readiness waiting for attack.

This is because you will have the advantage and level of preparation enough to face the enemy. One example when an enemy attacks you'll be celebrating all the movements and attacks of any kind. Means that you have the time to act against a given attack.

If you see every movement in art Silat has its own dance to watch. Teachers give silat dance this term is "In No Fruit Flowers, The Fruit If There Is Content, If a Mistake To Implement Severe Measures" from this quotation the term cause why trainees persilatan banned altogether for the first act when facing the enemy.

You sure all know the answer?
What about other Martial Art?

If you have views or opinions can be provided in the comments field.

What is your comment?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wood arm versus threats can be overcome

A stick two feet long, one inch circumference, made of wood core and weighs 250gm Nibong. Use of highly suitable for all martial because of a characteristic over.

Techniques resulting from this combination of techniques and Tongkat buffet Vacancies. It is easy to use versus a malicious tackle. Simple easy and efective. During the creation of many now that you do not want to happen like snatch at, threatening, robberies and murder have become commonplace, especially involving women. Just most of you do not want to take heavy to overcome.

Because measure two feet long, wooden arm very quickly if the moved or beaten to target accurately. Consequently the head can cause knee and broken wrist fracture to break down or disabling enemies. Among the places that can cause death, such as head, spine and compounds. But if you had to defend themselves from enemy threats targeting wooden arm on kness, wrists and shoulders so that the enemy unable to move and fight.

Imagine if you are arrested at night by robbers or extortionist, you have to use this method to escape and the family continues to be victims. When you do not have wooden arms sure you and your family life will be threatened.

Martial attack techniques potency wood arms can not be disputed. Simple enough fruit, easy to learn and very effectively used even in narrow places or spaces. If you have inherited the technique Martial Wood arms you will be more confident and brave when facing the enemy.

What is your comment ?


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