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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be realistic in your goals

Peace blog readers

Already 2 days we left in 2009, is all ambition and wish you achieved ? if the plan has achieved all i say congratulations for successfully realizing the wish and desire that you. To the despair do not succeed try and try to continue to prosper.

Do you have a clear objective? I am sure all readers have their own goals, but whether your goals are realistic?

To set goals that you would like to reach you should be realistic as it can help in terms of motivation to give your confidence high.

For example to improve training 2-3 times within 1 day may not be realistic. But the goal to inrease training by 20% - 30% within 1 day is more clear and realistic.

When the goal is not realistic cause your motivation will decrease after the failed goal achieveed.

What is your comments?

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