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Thursday, January 7, 2010

In flower (silat) stored fruit tidal

If the title noted above may not be irregular or familiar surroundings or heard from the mouth of Silat teachers themselves. Because games are no longer regarded quiet dance by young people. When the teachers saw this Sembah Dance is the first thing will be noted Sembah Teaching. If no measures will be nominally Taiping Silat Melayu. After that move including dance and hand dance.

Move, move your hand and need to move in tandem and simultaneously. Taiping Silat Melayu not all can do well and most of the body is not a direct "live" when doing Sembah Dance. Advantage to be well versed with the dance Sembah understand this it will exercise its own and the opponent.

In the preliminary training of arrest "at the end of the fruit" and Greet "two o'clock in the skills necessary to get the right movement and sound in terms of distance and site. Not easy for someone to capture the fruit at the end if not do a lot of training opportunities to break enemy hands is zero.

p/s :- If you do not understand or know the purpose of such Sembah Dance, at the end of fruits and Fruit tidal in silat you please find a teacher for clarification and practice.

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