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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Planning Strategy

Now it's time for people from youth to adult men or women, no matter for action to tackle the increasing cases of rape around the world. Statistic in more than 100 cases occurs each mounth but the number is closely related to the birth of children out of wedlock.

There are 2 major issues that must be shared with all members of all martial associations to implement the mission.

First create a group in association to discuss ways of addressing the crime of rape, snatch theft and robberies. Of the meeting shall be recorded or presented work the work. All techniques to deal with the enemy can be produced even teachers are also involved as an advisor group concerned.

Second you must announce to the community that not only learn martial to defend themselves but also healthy body. This is because yourself is the most valuable asset and worth to be preserved as possible. Although already studied martial arts you can also become a quality athlete.

Remember if the non-martial members who could come forward to defend their destiny is in the wrong crime? You can no longer remain silent and let the crime of rape continue to spread in it. Do not leave those loved ones you want to be victims of a new act.

P/s - zairimartialart released eBook about techniques or ways of fighting with empty hands associated with SILAT. Expecting showing.

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