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Sunday, January 10, 2010

ISSUES 1 -Must understand the purpose of training in the goal ring

To adopt a Martial Art training arena and find training and basic movement is not practical or even not understand the purpose and benefits can be obtained from it to face the real situation.

No matter a person to learn Martial Arts as Silat, Kung Fu, Boxing, Karate and Taekwando are sure will undergo basic training movements such as kicking and answer that will be performed repeatedly. If someone is not patient will quickly feel bored with the training movements performed repeatedly.

Sometimes also asked to perform a movements that seems not practical to apply in situations such as lowering the actual steps that result in horses difficult to movements. But the question is whether such training in the Martial Arts should feel responsible if a person is not effective in daily life.

For my opinion the important factor that must be understood all Martial Arts practitioners is to understand the true purposeof exercise movements and basic training in the practical arena. By understanding the purpose you can feel the training is very important and useful when facing the real situation.

For example a students is involved in a new Martial Arts as a baby who does not know and do not know what to run. Here the role their parents responsibility to train the baby to allow the baby to run....

What is your comments?

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