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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Provide an umbrella before the rain

(Briefly ponder this citation)
Courage is not enough to help anyone because it will be more attempts to be defeated and killed you.

Often we hear the term provide an umbrella before the rain it as a reminder to anyone before doing a thing that has been equipped with self-KNOWLEDGE.

For example i can give is when you want to sit for the examination you must first learn as well if need be facing ENEMIES equipped with adequate Martial Art Knowledge.

I still spot with a snatch theft case that occurred last year where a young man who wants to help a women who has been in the snatch was stabbed in the chest and died somewhere incident. Such occurrences that made me write the blog and share with the faithful readers.

Help people in distress is a practice that is very noble and encouraged in our society but the question is whether you are ready to tackle armed opponents while you empty-handed? If not why you dare to take risks that pleases dumb. You must remember most of them have been prepared with a variety of martial knowledge.

It is very unfortunate for all those who do not think these matters. Not just snatch theft cases only should be given attention too many cases of crime such as robberies, burglary and extortion also require you to have adequate knowledge martial arts. Imagine when you are involved in one accident is at least you were willing to overcome early. Create your knowledge of all the knowledge taught martial also understand and tips to escape and overcome the opponent.

Advice i have no use trying to work hard to find the family's income if you do not themselves awake with all the crimes that occur and are not equipped with self-assured self-knowledge.

P/s - Later emergence e-Book from our techniques or ways of fighting with empty hands associated with SILAT

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