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Monday, November 9, 2009

Spirit Fight

On last friday i have participated one tournaments bowling. We played as much as 2 games. At first i play pretty bad probably because frequent nervous feeling i experience when game begins. Could be said my score in first game is 110 point, to me the count high also. But i see other player"s record higher marks from me. At that time i felt rather shy and shy by what in achieve. During we enter on second around game, my wife has defied me to abtain higher marks. I took that challenge and challenge myself to be better than the first game.
Full of challenge and spirit fight, finally i managed to score to 146 point and occupying place on second place in this bowling competition.

For the story above i wish to inform you that we should have a trait of "spirit fight" not on enemy but to our self. When you having this nature spirit. You will find out our self have achieved peak level to compete directly. This nature suitable practiced by anyone not only learn to be defense but in fact it also suitable for student or which already have a job.

What are you comments?

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