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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri ( Part 2 )

To the faithful blog readers want to apologize because i can not update my blog for 1 week due course. Let us re-connect the topic "identify methods Shu..Ha..Ri.." more.

Back to yourself where you are now level in the Martial Art?

If you're still in Shu level is good but remembers Martial Arts members at this stage will always taksub with his teachers. When you reach level Ha you not just find or study techniques from teachers themselves, but are beginning to see the methods of other associations.

It is no wonder if there are methods or techniques from other associations to be taken to use their own association. To people who are level Ri you can recognize the technique is more effective and more relevent. If this concept can be understood by all practitioners of Martial Arts will not be condemned and there wiil not disparage other associations arise.

I will give you an example to think

If you find a word using the method sidekick is a more effective defense based on studies and experiments done. Are you trying to deny the association because you do not use the sidekick? May also deny your teacher you will ever instruct not to use the leg during a fight?

Slap chest Ask your appetite

In conclusion if your man will dwell Shu your chidren as students who do not want improve performance if yourself but human Ha & Ri and you you may receive and continue to practice even though the sidekick does not exist in your association studies.

With your host dignity Martial Arts.

What is your comments?

Here i wish to inform all readers blog where i do not update my blog for 1 weeks as celebrated Hari Raya Haji. I'm not with the laptop to go to the village. Hari Raya busy note. Later i will connect affer raya. I want to say Happy Eid al-Adha welcomed the Muslim community.

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