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Thursday, November 5, 2009


In martial arts, focus is very vital for someone to ensure his performance level is all along better and increased up. You needing skill or discipline high to achieve level of 100% focus when doing a thing including when you do traning.
If had no focus with good this would affect all knowledge which studied and occur you not able to act nicely during contend against enemy. Here i enclose 5 tips to you to seek focus which are good
  1. All matters negatives in your mind should be free and empty.
  2. No prejudice to teachers and your colleague.
  3. Confident on self ability.
  4. Do not be have humbly on weakness.
  5. Think of "WIN"

If you have own tips which could help related blog reader member for subject above please shared with us. Kindly think about for a moment.

What are your comments?

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