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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Martial Arts to the fans must understand the purpose of customs. This is a customary practice that is often inherited and has been practiced since the loins. Regardless of where Martial Arts even there must be customs that must be adhered to and follow. Various ways and practices that defined the practice by organizations such as Silat, Karate, kung-fu, Muay-tai, Taekwando and more.

What do you think about it?

Here we wish to disclose to you all customs that are often practiced in the art PUSAKA Silat Melayu. One of them is CUSTOMARY LIME. Art heritage silat is based on tradition. Each of those who want to become a student must undergo the ritual bath lime to meet the requirements as a students of silat. Besides each students must also provide a dowry which impose little payment. Although dowry is the right master make it as a pledge of all knowledge among students with the master. We will explain a little about the game Ceremony Participation Kris it was from one tradisional lime.

Participation games Kris

Kris is synonymous with the United Malays. It was a lot of benefits and grandeur of its own because it is a symbol of strength, greatness and reliability Malay warriors for example Admiral Hang Tuah. Kris game has secret value that is smooth and even has its own uniqueness which is not equal to other weapons. It is a game weapon Malay Kris is indeed a very dangerous and very difficult to handle.

To the Martial Arts practitioner please share to us your special weapons Martial Arts.

Knowledge Kris lessons finish ceremony is usually held on the beach and is one of the customs Silat Arts. It is also the last attempt or alleged to be passed by each students after they finished training Gayong use Kris.

What is your comments about the customs silat gayong?

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