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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Facts "IMPORTANT" on Kung-Fu

On monday the last day i have found some Martial Arts training center in Kuala Lumpur. What makes one interested in Martial Arts training center is Kung-fu, where i have time to review them practice. After practice i have discover friendly instructors who teach Kung-fu. Many questions that have been playing in my own thoughts have been answered. Here i write some factor of interest in the interview session.

Before that if you have any information about the Martial Arts can leave comments in the space.

Kung-fu is a very broad term used to describe the Martial Arts that originated from China. Kung-fu history left many thinking that gives the effect of the china. If you want to know the name prefix Kung-fu is Ch'uan Fa which means (the way boxing).

Many refuges and soldiers of justice by setting the Shaolin Temple in Northern China. There are five different Shaolin temple in the district or even five different styles of Shaolin Kung-fu was developed.

Historian Martial Arts Kung-fu is not initiated in the Shaolin Temple and began to grow but only under the influence of Shaolin. Kung-fu but eventually categorized as North and South. In the southern canton named as Gung fu. Hollywood played in the south only use horses and low kicks and strong hand techniques because they are short and fat from the North. System in the North is characterized by style patterns which are very difficult and sulap because the cold weather in the North so hand movement is restricted by thick robes.

Kung-fu can be recognized as one of the oldest martial arts and has become the biggest influence, where young martial arts styles such as karate and Okinawa style Japanese could have created.

In this modern era, wu-shu emerged as a mixed martial arts such as circus sulap and martial arts in china and even national sports competitions were held. Jet-Li is a very famous exponent has even appeared in the Martial Arts.

Important and special weapons used in martial arts kung-fu swords and knives are butterfly.

What is your comments about Martial Arts kung-fu in your eyes?

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