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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teachers to find perfection

If you study martial flow no matter what, the enemy or criminals do not fear if you are facing skilled combat. From any corner of the enemy or criminals came to know that some fought it like longitudinal and transverse fracture.

To demonstrate that no fatigue when confronted with the real enemy, various exercises have been arranged or provided shall be implemented. If training is not sufficient conditions or training is not monitored by the teachers not only use just tired because that can learn without teachers like "the fruit is not ripe".

Indeed learning without a teachers makes a bad name association you when you lost easily with criminals. Most of the Silat flow using strength to fend off criminal attack. There are also other martial arts as well as create.

If you want to know if the claim with Teacher "old" quite different when only using a little strength is sufficient to overthrow the enemy.

What is your comment?

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