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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art History Silat Eccentric

Hai all Blog Readers. We are posting today about the existence revolves Silat Eccentric. As you learn Silat is Martial Arts have been practiced since time immemorial.

It is a branch of art favored by the public. Currently various types of silat has emerged like "mushrooms after rain" in Malaysia. One of them is the Silat Eccentric has developed rapidly throughout the world.

For all your knowledge, Silat Eccentric was founded in Padang, Muar Johor by Long Mamat. One of the students named Pak Din has worked hard to develop over parts of this village.

Abd Hamid teachers have acquired knowledge of Silat own granfather when he was a child. Before he learned of this whacks Silat. Master Abd Hamid was first learning to play and dance Silat weapons such as swords, Kris, Tek-pi and others. Teachers also learn Abd Hamid Art Kuntau consisting of four Broke, Six Broke, Eight Broke, Twelve Broke and Silat Worship. Then teachers will learn Abd Hamid hitting 7 days with grandfather Tuan Haji Mohd Ariffin.

By the words Master Abd Hamid hitting 7 days this will take about 7 days only and has a heavy hitting, fast and agile. After Master Abd Hamid took the trainers, he took over Silat Eccentric and absorbed with Kuntau, Cekak and tweapons play 7 days.

This is a brief explanation about the journey of Master Silat Eccentric. We provide such entry to tell you the history of Silat a long-history based in Malaysia but also want to develop the Malay Heritage knowledge throughout the world.

What is your comments?

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